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Leadership Retreat

Not many centuries ago, most people lived on farms or in agricultural communities. The annual cycles created a rhythm to life, and the seasons ensured a sense of balance. When the autumn moved into winter, there was quiet time to reflect before spring and its activities returned. In contrast, today’s life is fast with time only for action and little or no time for reflection. This created a breed of people - and a breed of executives - who suffer the imbalances of this type of lifestyle.

The consequences of this are all around us, in dangerously multiple ways. It is visible on a personal level showing up in high levels of stress, anxiety or loss of self esteem. In companies, symptoms such as ineffective communication, lack of trust, deteriorating service and a decrease in creativity, provide the clues.

Science is now unanimous that taking REGULAR time to reflect may save you from many of these syndromes. The symptoms are all around, but often the answer of slowing down, making time for reflection, seems too simplistic.


With a focus on taking the requisite time to stop, our leadership retreats are designed according to your needs and aspirations. You have access to a range of accredited leadership development specialists, each applying unique development technologies. Using innovative coaching tools and proven facilitation mastership, we help teams to recreate themselves anew.

  • We guide people to unleash their core strengths and natural intelligence.
  • We help managers re-centre on their own personal effectiveness and motivation, so that brings transformational improvements to organisational effectiveness.
  • We help engender highly productive relationships between team members, where transformational learning can be leveraged into organisational results.

This space to think, reflect creates a unique value when combined with the private luxury environment Sabella provides. Then, when you are ready to find out more, e-mail us or enquire for more information on-line. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Finding your Rhythm in a Luxury Bushveld setting...