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Self Leadership Discovery Retreat For Teams

Authentic leadership starts within. As a leader, the first person you lead is yourself. The secret of all great leaders is that they understand the 90/10 principle of leadership. They know that 90 percent of all leadership mastery is self-leadership. The charisma, the relationships and the direction they create all come from that core.

Leading self means you allow focused time to discover again what you know and reconnect with your strengths and governing beliefs - your map of the world, finding your authentic core and inner voice.

Sabella Leadership Retreat offers tailor-made programmes that take management teams on the exciting journey to rediscover themselves at new levels of personal and team performance.

Blended Leadership Team Retreats

You and your team are at a crossroads...

Perhaps your company has grown. Perhaps you are about to launch a new product or service. Or perhaps you're facing ever stiffer competition in an increasingly tougher market. You look at your managers. You know they work hard and do their best - but you feel something exceptional is possible - something you can all reach for together. All you need is time and distance to step back together, to reconnect with your core competences, goals and values.

At Sabella, we listen carefully in designing and proposing facilitated leadership programmes and management retreats according to your needs and aspirations. Beginning with a series of in-depth conversations with yourself and your key people, we learn about the dynamics in which you operate. Then we create a unique retreat choreography that will give you the greatest value for the precious time you and your teams take away from your other responsibilities.

We customise retreats for executive teams, boards of directors, managers and high potentials groups.

Choose a blend of 25 options for a tailored leadership team retreat:

  • Create new mind maps
  • Discover your multiple intelligence profile
  • Formulate your personal life centring stories
  • Fashion a strategic plan for your growth
  • Learn and practise the art of coaching
  • Learn to use mind enliveners and intuition enhancers
  • Reflect on personal and collective values
  • Explore appreciative inquiry
  • Focus on your core competencies and strength
  • Examine priorities and perceptions
  • Relearn the art of listening
  • Learn to receive and give feedback
  • Learn about your teamwork inclinations
  • Engage in building trust

  • Ask new questions and begin new conversations
  • Discover the freedom of pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box
  • Engage in one-on-one exercises and specific scenario work for small and larger groups
  • Engage in energizing activities
  • Enjoy and have fun
  • Reflect and journal
  • Meditate
  • Take in new perceptions and awareness
  • Go on experiential adventures
  • Practise facilitative methodologies
  • Celebrate together

Whole Personal Development for Leaders

Do you experience a new kind of awareness about yourself and the world around you?

Are these moments of reflective awareness mixed with internal pressures and anxieties that you cannot fully explain?

If yes, you may be part of the quiet transformation that is underway. Simply put, yesterday's ways and holding patterns can no longer support the shifting dynamincs at play. On the positive side, this shift awakens in many a new kind of creativity, a need to redress balance or a wish to alter things and make a difference. On the struggle side there is a pressure to assimilate, adapt and respond to a changing world with increasing ambiguity. The essence of this transformation concerns a need in oneself to envision an integrated whole-person-development.

The integrated whole-person-development approach enables leaders to going a strong sense of their leadership core which propels them to self-renewal of vision through changing times.

SABELLA's integrated whole-person-development is the path of finding one's core values and purpose and growing to express and manifest the essence of it in all aspects of one's life. The seven fields of enhanced whole person expression are:

  • Physical wellness and fitness
  • Emotional intelligence and resourcefulness
  • Mental prowess and creative intuition
  • Inter-personal effectiveness
  • Professional competence and continual development
  • Supportive environments and ecologies
  • Growing wealth

As these spheres merge with each other they are the expressions of a leader's integrity and continual growth. They create the support for a leader to serve a bigger cause and to be the enabler for others to find themselves and fulfil their aspirations.

Personal Deep Reflection

The benefits of developing a practice of reflection are exponential.

What's the ROI on a retreat for reflection? Ask Bill Gates, who takes now-famous twice yearly week-long retreats to think, read and reflect "and not do e-mail." During these times of reflection, Gates has come to some of his most important realisations and revelations, including the need to focus Microsoft on the Internet - almost missing the boat - and later, making the shift to refocus on security and trustworthy computing.

All true learning and transformation begins with reflection. Most people though are not disciplined or experienced enough to do it on their own; they don't know how to start a practice of reflection. Few executives could design for themselves an effective leadership retreat. This is why we are seeing the return of facilitated or self leadership retreats - and our retreats to beyond words. We help you find the zone of reflection - the place of discovery, empowerment and growth in a magnificent AFRICAN BUSHVELD setting.

Finding your Rhythm in a Luxury Bushveld setting...